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"Wine is bottled poetry"

R. L. Stevenson

Our Story


Agroturizam Kaštelanac has become inevitable stop in Šolta for gastro tourists and those who are yet to become ones. We are more than a small family-run vinery: we offer a completly presentation of our homegrown products, wine and olive oil. Our wine story dates back about 100 years ago, when our ancestors produced Dobričić wine in more traditional and kind of rough way. Since than up to the present our hard work and patience gave us this incredible wine story inspired by the desire to preserve our local wine sort from Šolta.

Dobričić is an ancient red wine variety, authentical sort that grows in the island of Šolta. It is definitely one of the significant indigenous red wines of Dalmatia since it was the variety that was crossed with Crljenak Kaštelanski (the rest of the world knows that variety as Zinfandel) to produce the most famous  grape in Croatia – Plavac Mali.

Wine and olive oil

Our shop with tasting room is a place of gathering and degustation of our products. 

You are welcomed to visit us anytime!

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