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Kaštelanac wine and olive oil

Agroturizam Kaštelanac has become inevitable stop in Šolta for gastro tourists and those who are yet to become ones. We are more than a small family-run vinery, we offer a completly presentation of our homegrown products, wine and olive oil. Our wine story dates back in 1762, when our ancestors produced Dobričić wine in more traditional and kind of rough way. Since than up to the present our hard work and patience gave us this incredible wine story inspired by the desire to preserve our local wine sort Dobričić.

But there is so much more than just wine to discover in our konoba. We are also very proud of our extra virgin olive oil (golden awarded!) and green and black olives that we produce.

So if You decide to pay us a visit in our traditional dalmatian konoba in Gornje Selo we will prepare You a degustation based on olives, olive oil and traditional dalmatian flavours. Olive tapenadas, salted anchovies and olives rounded by a few glasses of Dobričić wine sounds invinting, doesn't it?

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