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Dobričić Villa Superior 2015

This exquisite red wine is made from authentic grape sort Dobričić which grows in more than a half century old vineyard located in the south side of the island.We named it Villa Superior by the old Latin name for Gornje Selo, and it is indeed superior.  Its riches of flavour, fullness of color and extract will leave You breathless. 

Dobričić Rose

Rose Dobričić is made from grapes rich with tannins, using white wine production technology. Locally called Opol, this wine is ideal for warm summer days, served in 12 degrees.

Kaštelanac 2015 (cuvée Dobričić & Zinfandel)

This rustic wine full of flavors is created by pairing Dobričić with Zinfandel. In world of wines this sorts are known as " genetic parents" of Plavac Mali" - Croatian most famous red wine. 

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