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olive oil

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The liquid gold from Šolta

Among more than 100 000 olive trees that grow on the island, there are two varieties of olives, in almost equal ratios: Oblica and Levatinka (also called Šoltanka= lady from Šolta), both authentic Dalmatian olive varieties. Oblica was widely grown in Šolta until mid-20th century when the experts started pushing the original variety from Šolta called Šoltanka due to its agronomical and biological values.

Olive growing is very popular among the locals but also among the vacation house owners that live on Šolta seasonally – some do it professionally, some to create a supply for themselves and some do it for the extra income, as Šolta's olive oil is highly regarded and priced in Croatia. Unlike the rest of the world, where olive tree groves are huge and the production and harvest are mechanised, the trees here are hand-picked every year in October and early November. Olive picking is kind of a social event here – it's the time when the weather is still nice and the families get together on their plantations, laugh, work, eat and drink together until every single olive is in the sack. Some families even invite their friends and summer guests to spend some time out in the open with them and help them with harvest. 

"Liquid gold'"is more than just an expression here on Šolta – in addition to having won several gold medals for its exquisite flavor and appearance resembling gold, it is also known for its therapeutic properties. At Agroturizam Kaštelanac you can find both varieties of olive oil, pour it over the grilled fish and salad made from the freshly picked vegetables and discover their rich aromas and health benefits!

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